Versatile Blog Award

So I was recently nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award by Hello Wonders. I’m honoured especially since I’m so new to blogging. I started this blog because I like food, and sometimes my friends say I talk about my food too much, soooo 😛

I know a big support for me has been the awesome vegan blogging community, so I recommend checking out some vegan blogs today. If you want something more specific, leave me a comment and I can link you to something specific. Once you start finding vegan blogs, you can usually find many. Then they threaten to take over your life because of the awesome writing and photography and you wish you could just eat their pictures and live in their blogs. Buuut then your stomach growls and you remember that you live in your own world and you leave to make food.

…Or is that just me? Awks.


So yes. Go read vegan blogs!


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